Bulk Email Marketing – How Will it Affect Your Business

Send Bulk Emails with CBT Mass Email Sender for sending out bulk email blasts focuses on helping small businesses minimize operational costs and resultantly help them achieve more productivity in a reduced price. Creative Bear Tech, the UK based lead generation and SEO company has recently introduced a new software to their lineup of products. The CBT Mass Email Sender Software for Bulk Email Blasts is a cutting edge desktop software that enables small businesses to sned thousands of emails from a desktop using multiple SMTP accounts. New Traders Swear By Benzinga Options ????? ” out of trades have made me money!” – Cameron W.

Houston, TX We sift through this volatile market for consistent trades so you don’t have to. Get Benzinga Options: Starter Edition to follow Benzinga’s high-conviction options trades. Click here to get my trades! According to the spokesperson at CBT, the company s latest tool is geared towards helping small businesses thrive during the challenging times brought by COVID- . The spokesperson suggests, We have developed CBT Mass Email Sending Software with simplicity, practicality and efficacy at its heart.

He further adds, The tool can greatly help small businesses reduce operational costs of hiring resources, as it automates the process of sending bulk emails at a fraction of the cost. With the CBT Bulk Email Sender in place, achieving a high inbox rate is possible since the program runs effortlessly across multiple threads. For small businesses, this means they no longer need to depend on having a bulk email sending tool that has several fancy futures, which basically add no real value to an email blast.

For more information about the software, visit the official website on this link. About the Company Creative Bear Tech is a lead generation, SEO and software company based in London, United Kingdom. Established in , the company has grown to have a portfolio of over , clients in a short span, comprising startups, local businesses, wholesalers, blue chip companies as well as popular household brands. With state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, the B B company has international offices currently.

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