Beware of ‘Magazine Style’ Yellow Pages Ad Design

I have been doing Yellow Page design for the past 15 years. I have been fully submerged in the medium. Even as I sit here writing this article I have various Yellow Page directories from all over the US stacked on my desk. It’s an art form, I tell you. Few comprehend its power. Few understand the subtle blend of art and science that combines to create the successful Yellow Page ad design. It takes a true connoisseur to understand the underlying psychology of a masterfully crafted Yellow Pages ad design.

Now I know what your thinking. This guy is off his rocker. Oh, but I disagree. I intend to plainly illustrate a very disheartening trend developing in our local neighborhood Yellow Pages. I call this trend–the rise of the dreaded ‘magazine style’ Yellow Pages ad. Now I love magazines too. I like to leaf through my Forbes Magazine as I leisurely sit by the pool. I occasionally glance at the pages of Elle when my wife leaves it lying around. I’ve even been known to flip through the pages of Wired when I’m ready for the latest rant on how Star Wars has changed the world. But when I turn to my local Yellow Pages the last thing I’m ready to face is the pages of Cosmopolitan.

With the recent rise of readily available, cheaply commissionable, Yellow Page ad design services it would seem our Yellow Pages are turning into a ‘magazine style’ nightmare. Now I’m not saying your ad should be as ugly as your Yellow Pages advertising sales rep wants to make it, but if your Yellow Page ad is turning into an Ansel Adams exhibition, and your selling air conditioners there is something wrong here. I know, I said Yellow Page ad design is an art, but what I meant by art was the kind of Yellow Page ad that ultimately leads to someone buying something from you.

It’s like Trump calls it–the art of the deal. That’s the kind of art you are looking for in your Yellow Pages advertising. It’s the art of getting peoples attention, and not losing it a half second later when they can’t figure out what it is your selling. I mean, the heading says ‘Plumbing’ but with all these baby pictures it looks more like a Daycare heading. Which one of these guys is a plumber? These clever ads may be all the rage as I’m sipping my cocktail by the swimming pool, but when I’m looking for a reason I should buy from you instead of your competitor, trying to baffle me with a clever picture that makes me think some Yellow Page flunky lost his job when he mistakenly pasted a Daycare ad in Plumbing, is not the way to do it. Yeah, you got my attention. Am I calling? Sure. I’m calling your competitor.

Yellow Pages Scraper has the time to decipher your cute ‘magazine style’ Yellow Pages ad. Captivating your audience is important, making your Yellow Page ad design distinctive is paramount, but confusing people can make your Yellow Page advertising useless.

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